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The Keener Homes Building Process

The Keener Homes Building Process

In our early meetings, we will review the homeowners' desires and, if available, their architectural plans. If the "dream" is not yet committed to paper, we can provide architectural services through our office. We have a designer available to assist our prospective homeowners. The ability of the architect and builder to coordinate on the plans helps to insure a smooth, trouble free building process.

For your convenience, we offer two contract methods. The first is a "fixed price" contract. The fixed price method is a set contract price. The second method is "cost plus," which is actual cost of materials and labor plus builder's percentage fee.

At this contracting stage, we will provide you with a copy of our specification sheets that identify what will be in your home. Review of these sheets allows you to identify any areas where you would like to upgrade.

We also provide an "Allowance" sheet covering the areas where the homeowner choices are plentiful. Since allowance areas can vary greatly depending on the quality of the customer's selections, these allowance sheets provide a very explicit summary of the prices used in the quote process.

The building process is multi-faceted and involves the actions of many contractors, each of which have multiple commitments. We have, over the years, developed a loyal set of crews which we regularly use in our construction process. Our relationships with these contractors are excellent and we receive high priority response.

In order to allow the homeowner to monitor the progress of the construction, we provide a "Building Cycle" chart that is used to identify the stage of construction and to estimate the completion date. With this chart, the homeowner can continually monitor the progress of the house.

The Keener Homes Building Process

Since many of our homeowners do not make a physical move until their new home is ready for occupancy, we provide digital pictures of the progress of the house. These pictures are transmitted by internet, which makes them very timely.

Throughout the building process, there are decisions that must be made by the homeowner. These can generally be done by internet or phone and a variety of forms will be provided to assist in identifying the decisions. These decisions include – plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, wall and ceiling colors, carpeting and tile choices and others. We will provide you with contact information and a map that shows where you can make your selections.

During the building process, our office staff will maintain records of all significant conversations, especially those that represent changes to the house configuration. We do this to assure that none of your desires are overlooked.

The Keener Homes Building Process

We anticipate that you will have enjoyed the process of seeing your "dream" become reality. When the building process is complete and you are occupying your "dream" home, you can do so knowing that it is protected by our one year builder's warranty. That warranty covers every aspect of the home during the first year. Each individual manufacturer may provide additional warranties.

We appreciate this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, and we look forward to visiting with you when you are ready to proceed. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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